Oh my God! Google folding screen phones or Pixel Notepad are more affordable.

Although there has been much previous news that may launch the Pixel Fold, a folding-screen phone. it is now reported that the official product name of this phone is actually “Pixel Notepad”, and the price will be more affordable.

Before this, there are many indications that Google will launch a folding screen mobile phone, especially Google and cooperation to strengthen the interface of many foldable screen mobile phones, and even the subsequent design of  12L system for foldable screen mobile phones, so that the operation interface can be optimized for large screens and general mobile phone experience switching.

Foreign media reported that the Pixel Fold will not be The official product name of Google, but will be named after the Pixel Notepad, and the actual design may be similar to the folding method of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold series phones, but the price is expected ed to be more people-friendly than especially at  The Foldable Screen Phone Find N has kept its price around $1200, while Honor’s recently launched Magic V is also priced at about $1570, both of which are lower than the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold series (starting at $1799).

Google Foldable Phone

In addition, the pixel Notepad does not seem to have a high initial production capacity, so it will only be launched in certain markets such as the United States, and may even only be sold in the United States market first, and then gradually promoted to other countries.

Google has long been rumoured to create a foldable screen mobile phone under the Pixel brand, the original news said that Google plans to launch this product in the fall of 2021, but then postponed for some reasons, and may be released within this year. However, Google has not responded to such rumours at present.

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