The iPhone was not nominated for the Smartphone of the Year 2021 on ITmedia Mobile

The iPhone was not nominated for the Smartphone of the Year 2021 on ITmedia Mobile. This is the first smartphone of the year since 2011 that has been running for more than 10 years. I considered the reason why I was  selected unexpectedly.

ITmedia Mobile’s Smartphone of the Year 2021 in December 2021 selected the Pixel 6 Pro for the high-end segment and the Mi 11 Lite 5G in the midrange segment. These two models became smartphones that symbolized 2021, but this time surprising results were also born. That is, “iPhone was not selected as a candidate for any model”.

“iPhone 13” was not nominated. The iPhone is a regular on the smartphone of the year, with the iPhone 5s in 2013, the iPhone 6 in 2014, the iPhone X in 2017, the iPhone 12 mini in the high-end category in 2020, and the iPhone SE (2nd generation) in the midrange division has won a prestigious award. The five-time award is dantotsu’s record.

In addition, the year when we missed the award, we were nominated every year until 2020. Looking at the ranking after scoring, “iPhone 4s” came second in 2011, “iPhone 5” was second in 2012, “iPhone 6s” was second in 2015, “iPhone XR” was 5th in 2018, “iPhone XS Max” was 9th, and “iPhone 11” was sixth in 2019.

That means 2021 is the first time the iPhone has not been nominated since it launched the Smartphone of the Year in 2011. I’ve been nominated for 10 years from 2011 to 2020 and have won five awards, so I honestly think “no way.”

First, let’s look back at the features of the iPhone, which won the Smartphone of the Year award. The 2013 iPhone 5s was started by DOCOMO and equipped with fingerprint authentication, the 2014 iPhone 6 was redesigned and the first large model, the iPhone 6 Plus (6 Plus was rated second), and the 2017 iPhone X was discontinued home buttons, Face ID, with organic EL, 2020 iPhone 12 Mini is a big hit with 5G support and introduction of small models, iPhone SE (2nd generation) with a low price of 26000 rupees. There was a feature such as.

“iPhone 5s” attracted attention because DOCOMO started handling “iPhone X” which abolished the home button and became the base model of the current iPhone. Unfortunately, there was a topic that the iPhone 4s started handling in au and the iPhone 5 has LTE compatibility. Although the iPhone 6s was rated as poorly changed, it was second in recognition of its high degree of perfection compared to Android at that time. In 2018 and 2019, the XS/XR was underrated, but the 2018 XS/XR was equipped with dual SIM support and popular models (XR), and the 2019 iPhone 11 was impressed by the installation of an ultra-wide-angle camera and night mode.

iPhone 13 was poorly changed So what about the 2021 iPhone 13 series? While inheriting the iPhone 12, the design supports the “photo style” of still images and “cinematic mode” of video as new features of the camera. For users familiar with SIM, it was also a noteworthy point that it supported dual eSIM, but it is undeniable that newness and surprise were scarce compared to past iPhones.

Major version upgrades the following year’s iPhone tends to change modestly. The previous iPhone 12 changed to a square design and supported 5G, but the iPhone 13 is based on 12, and according to past product name rules, it can be said that it is “iPhone 12s”.

Still, the iPhone 4s and iPhone 6s, which emerged as second models, were also nominated and had a good result in second place. It was due to the lack of models outswing the iPhone on rival Android. However, in 2021, the iPhone 13 has naturally become hazy due to the increase in unique and complete models on rival Android.

Sharp and Sony, for example, have a 1-type sensor camera, while Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip3 5G have become more complete as folding smartphones. The Pixel 6 Pro, which won the award in the high-end category, had a strong weapon of on-device processing with its chips.

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