OPPO’s Find N folding smartphone is a good opponent of the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G.

“Find N”, released in China by OPPO, is a folded smartphone that opens the display sideways. Speaking of horizontally folded smartphones, Samsung’s Fold series is a major presence. I compared two folding smartphones.

“Find N”, released in China by OPPO, is a folded smartphone that opens the display sideways. Speaking of horizontally foldable smartphones, Samsung’s Fold series is a major presence, and “Galaxy Z Fold3 5G” is on sale in various countries including Japan. Find N is priced at 7,698 yuan and about 90310 rupees in india, which is much cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, which costs nearly 135000 rupees. However, it is a high-spec product with high performance, not that the specifications have been dropped.

OPPO Find N “Find N” that appeared in the low 7000 rupees  range

The difference between the two was stressed at the Find N presentation, but when the main unit is opened, find N becomes a display with a long lateral direction, and it can be used as it is in the same style as the tablet is sideways. If you open them and arrange them, the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G will certainly belong in portrait orientation when you open it, and if you continue to view photos and videos, you will not be able to fill the screen. However, with Find N, it can be used as a display of about 4:3 as it is.

Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (right) and Find N (left). Find N becomes tablet design as it is when opened

The display has an outer circumference size of 158.2×128.1mm for the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and 132.6× 140.2mm for Find N. Find N is slightly square. Therefore, the size when closed is 67.1mm wide of Galaxy Z Fold3 5G, while find N is 73mm thicker. That said, the iPhone 13 is 71.5mm wide, so The Find N isn’t that thick either. The thickness of Find N is 15.9 mm, and the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G has a gap, so the cross-section when folded is “wedge type (V-shaped)”, and the thickness is 14.4 to 16 mm. I felt that the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G was a little better to grip.

I feel a little wider when closed

The display size, when closed, is 5.49 type, which is classified as the smaller smartphone of the last year. By the way, “BALMUDA Phone” which became a hot topic is a 4.9 type. Find N is a hybrid terminal of “small smartphone” and “4:3 7.1 type tablet”, so it seems that it is a product that is slightly different from the Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G, which is “slim vertically” and “a larger display tablet than 7.6 type”.

when closed, it becomes a 5.49-type small screen smartphone

You might think that Find N is a smaller galaxy Z Fold3 5G. If you think so, you can be convinced that the price is cheap. However, I felt that Find N was easy to use as a UI (user interface) that effectively utilizes the large tablet screen when opened. While using the app, swipe down with two fingers from the display information to see the split view of the app. If you pinch the app screen, it will be a floating window display.

two screens and floating display can be easily performed with fingertip operation

Google is also going to make major improvements in android 12L for the UI and operation of this tablet screen. What makes Android tablets harder to use than iPads is that it’s hard to take advantage of large screens, and Samsung also implements its UI using the sidebar in the Galaxy Z Fold3 5G. It is said that Google has abandoned the development of folding smartphones, but I feel that smartphone manufacturers are developing not only folding smartphones.phones but also the optimal UI of tablets thinking one step ahead of Google.


By the way, as soon as Find N was released in China, the first lot was so popular that it sold out immediately. It may have been natural that the price was cheap, the performance was high, and the product finish would be popular. There must be many people who want to use it by all means in Japan. To make Samsung’s next folding smartphone better, I would like you to expand overseas.

The crease-free display is also a big feature.

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