Use the cover screen Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3’s for quick tasks.

Samsung’s most affordable phone Samsung Z flip 3 is the best foldable phone. This phone prosecution best performance in the segment of folded phones.

This phone does not cover the full-screen backside of the screen as compared to the Samsung Galaxy Z fold 3 which uses a full screen on the backside. The cover screen of the Z flip 3 is too small as compared to the main screen. It challenges the developer who can use this cover screen as full use as compared to the main screen.

Developer Jagan 2 is available to XDA forums has developed a new  mod is called cover screen OS. This OS help the user to open notifications, camera actions and calling feature and different things we can use as compared to main screens. You can also change its orientation to portrait to landscape and landscape to portrait as you need. While its limitations it looks beautiful and usable when you did not flip the phone.

This feature is very useful when you need to pay as a Samsung pay I have and other as you can use it very easily and fast. The cover screen of the Z flip 3 is very small as compared to Z fold 3 so it is very tasky operation that we can use it it is very difficult from time to open apps and other things.

This is very fun for use cover screen if you have a Galaxy Z flip 3 phone and this one looks very beautiful and uses very fast.

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