Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series Exposure – Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Configuration Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is a new tablet that Samsung will release soon, which is expected to be launched at the Samsung conference, so how about the parameter configuration and performance of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series? Today we will specifically evaluate the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series, interested partners to take a look at it!

1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8

The tablet is 11 inches, has a screen resolution of 2560×1600, and weighs 507g. The product is available in the 5G version and WiFi version, with a rear camera of 13MP and a battery capacity of 8000mAh.

2. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Plus

The product measures 12.4 inches, has a resolution of 2800×1752, and also spotlights a 13MP rear camera. The flat panel has a capability of 10090 mAh and weighs 572g.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Samsung’s flagship model of the series, this tablet features a “rabbit tooth” full-screen design with two front-facing cameras on the long side. The tablet measures 14.6 inches, has a resolution of 2960×1848 and has a battery capacity of 11200mAh.

4. price

The initial cost of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra has been disclosed, the price of the 128GB WiFi version is 1315 dollars (about 98000 rupees), the price of the 128GB 5G version is 1484 dollars (about 110000 rupees), and the price of the 512GB top version is expected to break through 1700 dollars (126499 rupees in India.)

The above information of tablets shows it supports a pressure-sensitive stylus, which can be connected to the tablet for magnetic charging. The series comes pre-installed with Android 12 and will be released soon.

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