What processor does the Samsung TabS8 carry – How well does the processor perform.

Samsung TabS8 is also a flagship configuration of the board, of course, Samsung production price is bound to be very expensive, let’s take a look at what processor Samsung TabS8 is equipped with, how the performance.

First, what processor is equipped with Samsung TabS8.

Samsung TabS8 this tablet will be equipped with Snapdragon 8gen1, which can bring us a strong performance experience

Samsung TabS8 processor parameter specifications.

Equipped with 

  • Cortex-X2 super core (3.0GHz)*1, 
  • Cortex-A710 large core (2.5GHz)*3 
  • Cortex-A510 small core (1.79GHz)*4,

The new x2 super core further improves the performance of the CPU while reducing the power consumption of the CPU, bringing a better chip performance experience.

Second, how about the performance of Samsung TabS8 processors.


The latest Adreno730 GPU, which improves the performance of the image processor, reduces the heat of the processor, and can stably output higher mobile phone picture quality and faster processor speed

2. Network performance

Equipped with the latest x65 5G baseband, it brings a better mobile phone 5G performance experience, which can provide users with good mobile phone uplink and downlink speeds, bringing a better network performance experience

writer’s remarks.

Samsung TabS8 as a tablet equipped with Snapdragon 8gen1, the performance is first-class, for the small partners who like to pursue performance is still very worth starting.

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