Previously, Samsung has released a warm-up short picture for the S22 series of launches, while uncovering the appearance of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Recently, some media have dug up the details of the conference from the code of Samsung’s official website, and the Samsung S22 series conference will be held at 23:00 Beijing time on February 9.

It is reported that the code is a link to “add calendar”, clicking on it will jump to Google’s calendar service, adding an event called “Get Ready to Break the Rules” in the calendar.

The profile reads, “Join our Galaxy Unpacked virtual event and explore our latest Galaxy ecosystem, designed to enrich your life.”

In addition, Samsung’s official website has also opened reservations for Samsung S22 series mobile phones and Galaxy Tab S8 series.

According to previous disclosures, the S22 Ultra in the Samsung S22 series will show in a breakthrough design, and the product positioning will be merged with the previous Note series, and it will be able to store S-Pen while being more square. In addition, the configuration has been updated to the Snapdragon 8 processor, and the fast charge has also been increased to 45 Watt, with a 10 times periscope lens.

In addition, there have been media reports of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series of conference schedules, but it has not yet been officially confirmed, for reference only.

Unpacked warm-up: 9 February at 23:00

reservation: February 14-21

reservation: February 21-24

product release: February 25

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