The first 3nm chip? The iPhone 14 series will use the 4nm process transition.

On January 24, dylandkt, a well-known blogger, said that the iPad Pro equipped with an M2 processor will arrive this fall, and the entire series will use mini LED displays.

But at the same time, the blogger also said that some informants said that the expected Magsafe wireless charging function may be absent.

It was previously predicted that to achieve wireless charging, the rear shell material of the new iPhone may have slight changes. In this regard, Apple tested the full glass back cover, but the effect was not ideal.

Apple logo

To meet the needs of wireless charging, it may be possible to make the LOGO behind Apple larger on the wireless charging board and at the same time use non-metallic materials, and then realise the Magsafe wireless charging function.

In terms of configuration, the iPad Pro 6 will use an M2 processor, with a 120Hz high-brush mini LED screen and a larger capacity battery.

In this regard, the outside world believes that this is most likely Apple’s first 3nm chip, because TSMC’s production capacity is very limited, and the A16 processor of the iPhone 14 series will use a 4nm process transition instead of 3nm.

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