The first 4-sided equal-width Snapdragon 8 flagship! The Samsung Galaxy S22 is set for release on February 9.

Today, the long-rumoured Samsung Galaxy S22 conference was finally officially finalised, and Samsung announced that the Galaxy Unpacked event time was set at 10:00 EST on February 9, that is, 23:00 Beijing time on February 9.

In addition to a large letter “S”, the picture of the invitation released by Samsung also reads “The Epic Standard”, which is also a hint that this year will bring a completely different Galaxy S series.

According to previous news, the Galaxy S22 series will continue the previous tradition, launching three models of Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra. 

Among them, galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+ models are likely to use a straight screen solution, the utilisation of small screens will be better, and will also become the first Android screen to achieve four sides of the same width screen, with a perforated full screen, the front visual effect is very shocking.

Due to the ultra-narrow border and ultra-high screen ratio, the whistleblower has said that the Samsung Galaxy S22 has a smaller body than the iPhone 13 and maybe a circle smaller in length and width, and the screen size is about 6.1 inches, which may become the best choice for small screen enthusiasts.

As for the Galaxy S22 Ultra model, it can almost be seen as a continuation of the Note series, which will use a curved screen design, similar to the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra as a whole, but the curvature will be smaller, bringing better display effects, avoiding problems such as green edges.

What’s more, the machine will also support the S Pen stylus and be built directly into the fuselage.

In terms of core configuration, all three will be equipped with a new generation of snapdragon 8 flagship chips.

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