T-Mobile rolling out September 2020 security update to the Galaxy A71 5G

T-Mobile started to Kick off September 2020 security update to the Galaxy A71 5G in the US. The latest update adds New Camera functions such as Crop zoom (X10) and 4K VDIS as well as 5G SA Enabled and Other improvements.

The Galaxy A71 5G on T-Mobile is getting firmware version A716USQU2ATH7 and the September 2020 security update, along with a number of new features.

As with all updates, if do not receive the notification yet, then you can download this one over the air by opening the phone’s Settings app, selecting Software updates, and tapping Download and install. It may take a few tries before the update shows up, so don’t lose hope if the phone says it’s already running the latest software.

Note: If your device meets the requirements below, this update will be available to download. To prevent download issues, there’s a daily limit on downloads. If it’s not available yet, check back tomorrow or after September 30, when the daily limit is lifted.

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